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How it all started...

Anticipating on new developments, EADTU established a Task Force Virtual Mobility in 2018, focusing on blended and online mobility in the context of international collaboration. 

The Task Force Virtual Mobility did not start from scratch as  main work was already done by EADTU in this field, notably in the EPICs project (2011) and in drafting the EADTU Mobility Matrix (2018).

On 12-13 December 2018 a Peer Learning Activity  was organised with a wide range of stakeholders. The goal of this event was to extend the database of the Task Force with examples of good practice, to discuss the results of the Task Force and to reflect on good practices and policy recommendations prepared by the Task Force in an introductory document.

A final report came out in May 2019 (Innovative Models for Collaboration and Student Mobility in Europe), which marked the end of the Task Force Virtual Mobility.

In April 2020 the final report has been translated to this website on Virtual Mobility.  

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